Battery Operated Pallet Truck

Hand pallet truck should be durable, not disposable. Therefore, Rish Pack offers superior quality, serviceability and durability that exceed the toughest application needs.

A Hand Pallet Truck with Exceptional Long-Term Value

Pallet trucks represent cost-effective aids for loading and transporting pallets on level surfaces. Be it over short or long distances, solely in pedestrian mode or as a ride-on truck: We have the right electric pallet truck for your warehouse.

The perfect pallet truck for any distance

When it comes to choosing a pallet truck, the length of the routes to be covered in your warehouse is particularly important. For example, an electric pedestrian pallet truck is ideal for rapid loading and unloading of your goods. However, when transporting heavy loads over medium to long distances, you will maximise your throughput performance with a powerful and safe electric pallet truck. The operator can sit or stand on these pallet trucks in a sideways position and thus maintain a clear view at all times. In addition, ergonomic tillers, which in some cases offer operation with either hand, ensure flexible and comfortable working, reducing the strain on the operator.

Electric pallet trucks make light work of inclines

When loading and unloading the first row of pallets on trucks or rail wagons, inclines can prove problematic for conventional electric hand pallet trucks. This is not the case for our electric pallet trucks with ramp lift, which enables level adjustment on ramps and inclines with gradients of up to 15 percent. You can also choose from a number of additional equipment options and performance features, ranging from on-board chargers to crawl speed buttons and traction aids.

Electric hand pallet trucks for loads up to 3.5 tons

Thanks to their powerful, low-noise electric motors with high-performance batteries, our electric hand pallet trucks transport loads ranging from 1.4 to 3.5 tons quickly and safely to their destination. The EJE Series 2 pallet trucks, for example, can easily achieve the maximum permissible travel speed of 6 km/h in pedestrian mode, even under heavy load.

Lower running costs with electric pallet trucks

Thanks to the innovative 3-phase AC technology of our pallet trucks, you benefit from enhanced performance and reduced running costs. A 3-phase electric current is a type of alternating current from the regular power supply, which is more economical than direct current. This technology renders some components prone to wear superfluous, meaning that our electric pallet trucks require very little maintenance.

Can we help?

If you need help deciding which of our pallet trucks or pump trucks to purchase, please call our friendly and knowledgeable team on 9845722274 to discuss your project in more detail.

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